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Salt Pre-wet  *  Anti-Ice  *  Deicer

ThermaPoint is an environmentally-friendly product that will significantly and economically enhance your snow and ice management program.  ThermaPoint, a calcium chloride-based brine blended with an organic enhancer, can be used in all applications of anti-icing, deicing and pre-wetting.

ThermaPoint meets or exceeds industry standards for snow and ice control products, is less harmful to equipment than straight chlorides, brines, and rock salt and it works faster, longer and to lower temperatures than salt brines or untreated rock salt.

Pre-wetting is the application of a liquid agent to rock salt, sand, or a combination of salt and sand/grit to enhance the performance of the solid materials.  The benefits of pre-wetting with ThermaPoint are

  • Proven 30% minimum savings in salt use
  • Reduction in bounce and scatter
  • Melting begins immediately - no waiting for salt to make it’s own brine
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Much lower corrosion rate than untreated salt
spray at truck rev

Left side:  untreated salt
Right side:  treated salt

treated salt pile NY

  Pre-wetting stockpiles


Treated stockpiles remain loose and easily workable.  The materials do not break down, clump or harden.  This pile was treated in August 2008, the photos were taken in late March 2009.

IMG_0424 (61)3
IMG_0406 (44) IMG_0382

Pre-wetting can also be done at the spinner with a small tank set-up at the back or on the sides.

Anti-Icing is the application of a liquid agent to the road surface before a storm event.  This is a very effective ice
and snow control procedure. It prevents the bonding of ice and snow to the pavement and reduces clean-up costs
and time.  Other benefits of anti-icing with ThermaPoint™ are:

  • Accident reduction
  • Prevent black ice
  • Reduction in sand accumulation in drainage structures
  • Residual effect
  • Easy to apply
  • Better for the environment
  • Reduced salt consumption
  • Substantially reduce corrosive effects on equipment

Deicing is the application of a liquid agent after the storm event begins (in the very early stages of event) or after blading.  This procedure is effective for melting small accumulations of ice and snow.   Benefits of deicing are:

  • Eliminate the use of rock salt for small jobs
  • Easy to apply
  • Better for the environment
  • Substantially reduces corrosive effects on equipment
Treated Road

ThermaPoint™ was applied down the center of this road before the storm.  The photo shows the road after blading.

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